Uniforms and freedom of expression essay

Many factors must be taken in to account, from overall school safety to the lack of self-expression students may encounter with their implementation. There is no direct case on this issue in Rhode Island, but the ACLU believes that forcing students to wear uniforms infringes on their right to free speech and expression, and violates the standards set out in the previously-mentioned Gardner case.

Thus, the question still remains: Without the outlet of expression in their clothes, students may turn to other avenues of self-expression that may be viewed as even more inappropriate than clothing, such as nontraditional hairstyles or make-up or more importantly, acting out against school and parental authority through the decisions they make and behaviors they exhibit.

Social media are testing the legal boundaries of free speech

Body piercing and rings have however, not been most successful cases as schools put forward their stance of rejecting gang activities and symbols. In legal practice there are certain restrictions on freedom of speech imposed by the Supreme Court.

If we have right of religion then who is going to stop someone who is Muslim from wearing their hijabs? A significant number of public schools have implemented the use of school uniforms, however, not just as a means of promoting "team spirit" or curbing indecent exposure.

If your child has a high need for self-expression and personal comfort in her clothing, then uniforms may create unhealthy resentment and result in negative behaviors from your child. This law was developed during the course of American history and only after numerous struggles it was achieved.

The lawsuits range from very frivolous to something very serious. Safer Learning Environment Many school administrators and parents believe that uniforms create a better learning environment at school.

By denying students the opportunity to fully express their unique personality through the clothing they select, individualism is unable to develop to its fullest capacity. In case of hair colors also different battles have been fought and students have won who changed their hair color to blue.

Some heavily support and while some staunchly go against it. It is basically one's political rights to communicate one's opinions and ideas. The limitations would be implied when the freedom of speech conflicts with other values or rights.

This is beneficial to everyone, but especially parents, young people, and children from economically challenged backgrounds. One of the examples of how it works is lack of chances for students to hide weapons or drugs in the uniform while baggy clothing can easily conceal them.

Parents' opinion however seems divided in this regard. They believe they can wear what they want and these are the rights the students want to exercise when they confront school dress codes that they think at times restricts their freedom of expression.

Different states and school boards have adopted different policies regarding dress codes in schools as mentioned earlier. Chinese Practicality In recent years, the government of China has implemented quite an interesting regulation concerning school uniforms all over the country.

It means that you should make your own opinion sound both reasonable and unambiguous, so that you reader, even if he or she takes the opposite side of the argument, could understand you and, probably, even get imbued with your point of view.Student Freedom of Speech.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union: "You (students) have a right to express your opinions as long as you do so in a way that doesn't 'materially and substantially' disrupt classes or other school activities.

Thus, freedom of speech is also a part more global right to freedom of personal development and self-expression. Another theoretical ground to support the freedom of speech is called “tolerance theory”. It holds that the ability to teach and promote tolerance is one of the most important assets of freedom of speech (Cox, ).

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Essay: Uniform restricts freedom of expression

Many parents have expressed concerns about school uniforms taking away student's freedom of expression and encroaching on their personal rights, about having religious dress codes foisted on their non-religious or different-religion children, about not having their religious dress codes followed or respected enough, about trying to get their children to make a political or moral statement, about the.

Sep 27,  · There are certainly many positives to the idea of school uniforms. On the surface, it might be easy to get behind the idea. However, it also begins the trip down a very slippery slope of. Essays Related to Discursive Essay - Uniform in schools.

1. Although some believe that school uniforms violate student's freedom of expression, school uniforms would decrease violence and instill a sense of community.

School uniforms would make distraction less for students. School uniforms would help students learn to follow the.

Uniforms and freedom of expression essay
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