Literature review on it architecture

Architecture in Malaysia is a mixture of numerous styles, from Islamic and Chinese styles to those carried by European colonists.

A thematic review would have subtopics based upon factors that relate to the theme or issue. In order to mitigate the risk involved, organizations can simply produce more than one model to select the most adequate one.

The business environment is getting highly competitive and many organizations are making strategies to grab the market share. The review was focused solely on the end-user, those individuals for whose use buildings and places are ultimately designed.

The report has many suggestions for the organizations.

A literature review of architecture and design impacts

The access and organizing of the data store is termed under data architecture. One way of getting growth is to take full advantage of learning curve and utilizing economies of scale.

Four factors necessary for integrating the organization Source: This information should be sufficient enough for both stakeholders I. AAA explain that next, the firm undertakes the selection of the scenario where process selection of the model takes place on the basis of the chosen criteria and the support offer to the decision making of CIO.

Literature Review on IT architecture Essay

The main part is examined on the endeavour and talk that had been led which included general society and private segments. A conceptual frames work was developed in the mind to present the problem.

Thus, it can be rightly stated that enterprise architecture is the best way to aid decision making of CIO Stated et al. According to Coachmanthe enterprise manufacturing and engineering is around for more than thousand years and will remain for longer.

There are many aspects of planning which collectively make a strategic plan. Literature suggests that internal and external flow of information is very important for all the organization. The complexity of business supporting system and its significance has been addressed in this enterprise architectural approach.

Stakeholders must be contacted in decision making process.

Architectural Literature Review on Sustainability of Malaysian Architecture

In Scotland, this is evident in: Comparison of Literature and current practice Literature has enlightened many aspects of the information which can help any organization to prosper. Internal and external sources of information are found very important for the organizations and they help to analyze the need of customer.A literature review is an overview of existing literature (books, articles, dissertations, conference proceedings, and other sources) in a particular scholarly area.

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Literature Review on IT architecture. Topics: Enterprise architecture, Literature review presents the important theories and concepts along with the importance of the information system in organization. The introduction of the research was done by analyzing.

Abstract. This paper presents a literature review on enterprise architecture principles. The results show that there are various gaps in the research literature: No accepted definition of enterprise architecture principles has emerged yet.

International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 4, Issue 2, February 1 ISSN Green Building Architecture: A Lit.

Literature Review on IT architecture. Literature Review Abstract The research is all about the use of information system in the organizations. There are many tools which are helpful in managing the whole organization.

IT Architecture Review: The Basics, The Approach, The Outcome

if the general area is architecture and the more focused concept is sports complexes, clearly you are going to research the architecture of sports complexes. Have you narrowed the topic further yet? In general, you want to do the background (histo.

Literature review on it architecture
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