Justice systems in egypt and in

The United States Justice System uses five components such as; local law enforcements, court trails, court cases, trial with grand jury and decision and punishment.

The pursuit of justice

It also has the power to give rulings on requests of reparations for all violated verdicts. Egypt laws required that a detained person be brought before a magistrate and formally charged within 48 hours or released. Egypt has been a coherent political entity since B. Capitol crimes that carried a possible death sentence includes murder, manslaughter, arson or the uses of explosives that caused death, rape, treason, and endangerment of state security.

Justice Reform

The ultimate objective of this court is to hammer out an amicable settlement for family problems through specialized guidance bureaus. However, pursuant to Egyptian law, certain rights, assets or property may not be seized such as: It depended on which crime the criminal did to figure out which punishment they would receive.

These systems have come a long way, and are now used in the modern institutions and administrative systems, and have also been used in the formulation of the constitution, parliament, responsible government and judicial authority since the 19th century.

The criminal code listed three main categories of crime: Accessibility to justice is an indispensable principle of the Egyptian legal system. Mohamed Morsi as the first Egyptian president to be democratically elected following the Revolution. As opposed to the civilian courts, the Military Courts do not have due process.

Military Courts The Military Courts have jurisdiction over military personnel and civilians implicated in crimes related to terrorism and national security.

Egyptian State Lawsuits Authority Public Prosecution The public prosecution acts as public attorney before criminal courts with the right to file criminal actions.

Court of First Instance These courts of first instance have the competence to consider lawsuits filed before them as may fall under their jurisdictions.

The laws were based on common sense view of right and wrong. Criminal code[ edit ] Egypt based its criminal codes and court operations primarily on BritishItalianand Napoleonic models. It consists of two separate levels of courts, state and federal. The Supreme Administrative Court sits at the top of the administrative judicial structure.

To assist the Head of State in the making of general policies. Court of First Instance The Courts of First Instance are first degree courts, which have the ability to consider lawsuits filed before them only if they fall under their jurisdiction and their rulings are, generally, subject to appeal.

The Constitution of confirms the principle of separation of powers between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.An Overview of the Egyptian Legal System and Legal Research. By Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab Read the Update!

Justice Systems in Egypt and in the United States

Dr. Mohamed S. E. Abdel Wahab, Licence en Droit (CAI), LL.M (CAI), Ph.D (MAN), MCI Arb. is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Law, Cairo University, Egypt and Assistant Director of the Human Rights Centre at Cairo University. He has taught on the LL.M, LL.B, and BA programs at Manchester.

Justice System in Egypt and the United States are similar in many ways. Egypt Justice System bases its criminal code on British, Napoleon, and Italian models. There are three main categories of crime in Egypt law; they are.

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Fujitsu - Leading provider of IT products and services for the global marketplace including hardware, software, networking, business solutions, and more. Transcript of Egyptian Law and Criminal Justice System. What Guides Lawmaking in Egypt?-Supreme Law in Constitution-Egyptian Civil Code (ECC) of - Napoleonic Code - Sharia (Islamic) Law Sharia (Islamic) Law *Based on the teachings of the Qur'an and life of the prophet Muhammad.

Justice systems in egypt and in
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